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                            The Reduction & Bath smelting technology, developed by CNMMI, using coal as a fuel and reducing agent, is applicable to the smelting of non-ferrous metals such as copper and nickel, and ferrous metals.

                            The characteristics of the technology: using energy as fuel and reducing agent, to assist to complete the smelting process with a small amount of electric. Applicable to large-scale mines and areas where there is a shortage of electricity and coal,the technology can transform many defects in direct reduction process of laterite nickel ore, such as low recovery, or the situation that the products are unshapen, or failing to reach the scheduled production, etc. The high-temperature flue gas of the molten pool is used to dry the roasting samples, then reuse of heat to generate electricity to meet own demand. This technology costs 450  RMB (not including ore price) or less. Compared with 550 RMB for the RKEF process, the cost is at least saved 100 RMB。