Tower mill ● ceramic ball
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                        Tower mill ● ceramic ball
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                                In order to solve the problem of high energy & medium consumption, CNMMI has developed an optimized combination technology of non-ferrous medium (zirconia ceramic ball) and new special stirred mill. The new green grinding technology has many advantages as follows: It can save more than 30% of electric energy than traditional tower mill (grinding medium is a steel ball); the ball consumption is greatly saved so that the cost of the additional media can be saved more than 50%; it can extend the service life and increase the operating rate of the stirred mill; the service life of the stirring shaft and other components of the stirred mill can be increased by more than 50%; it can avoid the influence of iron on mineral processing; and so on.

                                For example, the power of the secondary and tertiary mills of the Dong Anshan Sintering Plant are 9,000 KW and 4,800 KW respectively. By adopting the new stirred mill and nonferrous medium (zirconia ceramic ball), it can save 47 million kW?h of electric energy and 3300t of steel ball medium annually, which is equivalent to direct economic benefit of 40 million RMB per year.
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